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Nicki Minaj wants a chance to prove how smart she really is by sitting in for a day on “The View.”

The hosts really let Nicki have it after the lyric video for “Only” came out. The animated clip stirred up a lot of controversy because of Nazi-esque imagery, and “The View” dragged her for not using better judgment in the release of the video.

Whoopi Goldberg even questioned whether she knew what the Holocaust was! That type of shade might cause some people to go curl up in the corner and hide, but not Nicki. The rapper has decided that the best way to combat the accusations and criticism is to face it head on. According to Dish Nation, Nicki now wants a chance to join the roundtable for a day to show them that she’s not as dumb as they think.

Nicki was hurt that Whoopi and the other women basically called her stupid. She really loves the show, and it sucked that they called her out that way,” a source close to Nicki said. “She’s an intelligent businesswoman. She wants to handle it the best way she knows how – by confronting them and showing them she can throw down on Hot Topics.”

ABC might want to think about hooking that up because it could definitely be a must-see episode of “The View.” Despite her serious misstep with the “Only” clip, we get the feeling some of the women might find that Nicki can match wits with them a little more easily than they anticipate.

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