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12/03/14 –

Dear Tom,

I have twin, 18 year-old grandsons, Malik and Jabari Weeks who are college freshmen this year.  They are both smart, athletic young men, who have been playing football since they were small.   It is both their dreams to receive football scholarships and play for the same HBCU.

My grandsons tell me they have a lot of research papers and essays to write for their courses. This has proven to be difficult since they are now sharing a laptop and have assignments at the same time.  Back when the boys were in high school, they usually borrowed my laptop, which they shared with my daughter, who was taking online classes and their little sister.

So, when the boys were accepted to an out-of-state college, I manage to scrap together enough to get them really, cheap laptops.   However, one has broken already and the one that survived doesn’t have the technology to do what they need it to do.

Santa Tom, my Christmas wish is for two laptops with lots of memory and student software.  I know that you are aware of how expensive it is for parents to send one child to college— you can only imagine doubling that for the twin’s parents. Sadly, this grandma can’t afford it either.   We would be ever so grateful to you if you could grant this Christmas wish.


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