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12/11/14 –

Dear Tom,

My 29-year-old daughter is a single mom who graduated from nursing school with honors while raising her 3 boys: Michael is 11, Malik is 9 and Malakai is 2.

Her dad helped her with the kids while she went to school and worked…until last year.  He suffered a stroke, became incapacitated and was placed in a nursing home but she took him out to go live with her.

My daughter loves her kids, her home and feels blessed to be able to help people with her profession.  Natalie works long shifts in the emergency room of Saint Bernard hospital in Englewood on the south side.

They recently moved out of Englewood because she wanted to raise her boys in a safer environment, so they moved to a part of town called “the avenues.”

She supports a family of five with one income. She wants to do something special for her boys this Christmas. They have done so well at school this year.  However, she has a limited budget to spend on Christmas or anything else, for that matter.

THURSDAY MORNING MOM: Natalie Robinson  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com

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