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Tim Norman is just one of the stars of OWN’s hit show ‘Welcome To Sweetie Pies’. The son of the lovable Miss Robbie, he also is part of the reason why the show – and the restaurants are a big success.

He says Miss Robbie is fine – “She’s cooking and cussin’, getting on my nerves,” and that the show’s cast is honored to be a 2015 nominee for an NAACP Image Awards.

Norman, also an aspiring musician, has been very outspoken about the events in nearby Ferguson, Missouri. Their flagship Sweetie Pie’s  locations are in St. Louis. He’s released a video, “Time: It Kills Her (Sorry Momma)” in support of the mothers whose sons have lost their lives.

“St. Louis is a small town. It’s not a big city like people think. You don’t have too many fathers like Big Mike that are with their sons,” Norman says. “He was one of those father that was with his son all the time. I’ve never be so proud to be in a city where everyone came together. People may not agree how everyone came together, but everyone came together.”

Tim’s recording and video was made to honor the mothers of these lost sons, who have to keep on living in their absence.

“Every mother in the world has aspirations and expectations for their child,” Norman says. “It kills our parents, especially our mothers, because a  lot of us don’t have fathers in our communities. A lot of people forget I was in prison 10 and a half years. I went to jail my senior year in high school. I hate to say it but it’s a norm down here. It’s normal for us to walk around with guns, it’s normal for us not to graduate, it’s normal for us to go to jail. These things have to change.”

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