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With all of these days off, some districts may be reaching their limit. Get an update below of the districts processes for calamity days.

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With several school districts having already reached, if not exceeded, their year’s allotment for calamity days, below is a list of the larger districts in the area and where they stand as of Tuesday.

Note: Some districts have incorporated what’s known as a “Blizzard Bag” Day. On those days, students are exempt from coming to school, but they’ll have to do school work at home by using their computer, books, or other materials, where some of the lessons will inlcude activities.

Chillicothe City – They are on their 10th calamity day

They have used their 3 blizzard bag days and have scheduled 2 make-up days during their spring break, dates 4/2 and 4/6

Columbus City – They are on the hours system. So far they have used 7 days worth of missed time. However, not all of their schools have the same instructional hours.

If they miss any more hours, they have e-day lessons (blizzard bags) they will start assigning. They have 3 ‘days’ of blizzard bags they can assign for their missed hours.

Given the variance in missed hours they haven’t determined beyond the blizzard bags what they would do if it comes to having to add on any full days at the end of the year.

Delaware City – Grades 7-12 is on 7th calamity day and K-6 is on their 8th calamity day.

Blizzard bags are assigned as needed online.

The district is transitioning to the hours system so they may not need to make up any days at the end of the school year.

Hilliard City – They have used all their calamity days.

They have 3 blizzard bag days they can then use. If there are more missed days, they will start adding on make-up days

Lancaster City – They have had 7 calamity days.

The make-up dates have not been scheduled days yet. They have no blizzard bag days.

Marysville Exempted Village –

Email from school; Blizzard Bags are used as an attendance equivalent when making up a calamity day and to provide information that Mill Valley teacher will use to help guide their instruction.

Every teacher will collect and review Blizzard Bags. At this time the following information will help guide you about blizzard bags:

Blizzard Bag #1 is due March 5th

Blizzard Bag #2 is due March 6th

Blizzard Bag #3 will be available Wednesday, February 25th. It is due March 11th

We have made up one snow day and have a second day on the calendar as a listed make up day. No date has been set on our 3rd make up day date.

Newark City – Today is the district’s 8th calamity day of the year.

They will need to make up three days

Pickerington Local – They have used 8 calamity days.

3 make-up days are scheduled so far, since they don’t use blizzard bag days. The last day of school now May 28.

South-Western City – They have used 6 calamity days.

Since they don’t have blizzard bag days, a makeup day has been scheduled for Monday, June 8. That will also be a Green Kindergarten Day.

Westerville City – Still on calamity day system; next year will be first year using hours to determine school year/calamity time.

As of today, morning kindergarten students have had 6 calamity days, while students in morning preschool, afternoon kindergarten and grades 1-8 have had five calamity days.

High school students and afternoon preschool students have one calamity day remaining.

The morning kindergarten students are using eDay lessons (blizzard bags) since Tuesday was their 6th calamity day.

No make-up days at this point. They are allowed to use eDay lessons for calamity days 6, 7 and 8.

Anything beyond an 8th calamity day would need to be made up.

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