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Children Selling Lemonade at Lemonade Stand

Source: SW Productions / Getty


You go Miss Mikaila Ulmer. This young lady started her lemonade stand at 4 years old. The idea came from wanting to contribute to the Action for Children Business Fair and Austin, Texas Lemonade Day. After getting stung by bees, her parents told her to research honeybees and their importance to the environment. Mikaila became fascinated. With the help of her grandma mailing a flaxseed lemonade recipe including honey, her “BeeSweet Lemonade” was created.


The 10 year- old girl from Texas now travels to make donations to organizations who fight to preserve honeybees. Her story was so moving, she has caught the attention of Shark Tank investor and CEO of FUBU, Damon John. He said, “She is a great kid with a head of business and branding. She got a great idea and I’m happy to helo take BeeSweet to the next level.” John has invested $60,000 into Ulmer’s business. Cheers to this young businesswoman.


Hopefully BeeSweet will make its way to Columbus. I would love the try it.


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