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Titi Branch and her sister Miko Branch were the successful entrepreneurs who founded Miss Jessie’s a popular haircare line that focused on women with natural curls. Sadly, Titi lost her life in December of last year to suicide. She was found hanging in her home, though the news did not surface until some time later.

Miko has been forced to carry on the business and sustain her sister’s legacy but recently ugly reports have surfaced that Titi’s boyfriend Anthony Spadafora, may have been part of her heartbreak. Miko is suing Spadafora in New York as he’s alleged that Titi changed her will to make him the beneficiary of a $2 million dollar insurance policy.

In court documents, Miko has also alleged that Spadafora was the recipient of over half a million dollars in loans and gifts from her sister.

“Titi’s death has been a tremendous loss,” says Miko. “It’s going to take some time but I’m going to keep her legacy up and high and keep moving forward not just for the family but I know Titi would want us to do that.”

Miko says that a reference to Spadafora using Titi as a “human ATM” did not directly originate from her.

“I was not there when my sister passed away so I don’t know what happened in that time and space,’ Miko says. “I imagine that’s what they referenced. I never made a reference to human anything. Those were not my words.”

Miko says that she can’t say anything else about the case, due to the ongoing legal process.

“I loved my sister. I will do anything I can to protect her legacy and her hard work.”

According to reports, Spadafora has countered that Miko was “the bully of Brooklyn” and says that there was a rift between the two sisters before her death due to contrasting management styles. No credible sources have confirmed that account.

For her part, Miko says that she has since found out that her sister was in pain.

“My sister wasn’t feeling well and as a result, her life ended on December 4th. Titi was having some challenges. It’s something that we’re learning more about in hindsight but we’re taking it one day at a time.”

A book, Miss Jessie’s: Creating a Successful Business from Scratch–Naturally about the founding of Miss Jessie’s, planned before her death, is out now.

“We focus on Titi’s wonderful contributions to my life and to many women’s lives. It also shares  how we built a wonderful business together. I think the larger message would be if we can do it from scratch with no money, you can do it, too.”

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Jacque Reid & ‘Miss Jessie’s’ Co-Founder Miko Branch Talk Sister’s Suicide  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com

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