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Tyrese is smitten.

The singer/actor took to social media to profess his fondness of the talented and beautiful Janelle Monae after sitting in her section at a celebration of Stevie Wonder‘s 65th birthday.

He gushed:

#WCW [Women Crush Wednesday] I’m in my grown man feelings tonight! – I hope you get the message –

I’m a sucker for a naturally beautiful, God fearing woman who’s smart and authentic who’s strong and self sufficient – most guys out here will run fast and be intimidated with the idea of all the things I just mentioned about you… tonight I showed up to celebrate and and to be apart of one of the most special nights of my life as a singer Stevie Wonder turned 65 and I asked to sit in Janelle Monae section she blessed me and said of course and was I reminded of a feeling I’ve had before a few times before…. I often wonder what I can protect you from…. What I can help you with, what insight of information can I give to help further your goal and life’s intentions – is there anything I can do or say to support you and just just help you get ahead – I often wonder – sweet dreams – (((( I know a few girls who would feel like they deserve this post – )) I’m sure I’m gonna catch some heat for this post – I’m so sure ha! But I won’t delete it – cause I speak my truth….. And my truth won’t change………

Ms. Monae has yet to comment on the post but we’re wondering is she flattered or giving Tyrese the sideeye?

Let us know in the comment section below.

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