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Big weddings are fabulous and all, but we’ve got a few reasons you might want to go small for your big day!

Growing up, marriage-minded women often have these grand ideas about what their wedding will be like. Many envision that they’ll get to be princess for a day with their gorgeous gown, handsome hubby, great music, and TONS of people to celebrate the whole thing.

It’s a beautiful thought, but there’s still there’s something really cozy and intimate about having a smaller wedding. And there are some major benefits to having a more intimate affair.

1. Saving Up For The Future

Weddings are lots of fun, but they are sooo expensive. According to TheKnot.com, the average cost of wedding in the U.S. is a little over $31,000! Who’s got that kind of coin just saved up to blow on one day when you’re planning for “until death so us part”?! Having a smaller wedding, might allow you to save some of that cash for a home or any other huge future plans like starting a family.

2. Close Friends & Family Only

A wedding is supposed to be a celebration of love, and that means there’s really no room for anyone that isn’t supportive of the relationship between you and your hubby (or wife). After inviting your immediate family and his, having a small wedding will really force you to think about every slot on your limited guest list. Do you really need to invite your neighbor’s cousin’s friend? Unless you’re tight like that, probably not. The same goes for any of your more negative friends. Of course you love them, but you don’t them killing your wedding vibe.

3. More Face Time

Have you ever been to a wedding where you barely get to see the bride and groom until the end of the night, when you said your goodbyes. It’s not that the bride is snubbing you (really, it’s not), she and her new hubby were probably still trying to make the rounds and greet everyone. Many brides complain about this very problem! Having a smaller guest list means that you might actually have time to greet all of your guests, give them more attention, and enjoy your special day with the people who mean the most to you.

4. You Can Still Make It High-End

If you splurging isn’t your biggest concern, then having less people at your wedding means you aren’t under quite as much pressure to cut costs. With a small guest list, you might actually be able to pull off some of your bigger ideas like a serving a gourmet buffet or having custom lighting. Or what about really bringing the theme of your wedding to life? Having a small wedding might even make it more possible to book a whole weekend of wedding events for you and your guests to enjoy!

5. You Have WAY More Options

Believe it or not, having a smaller wedding, really opens you up to more possibilities for your big day. IntimateWeddings.com suggests that it might be easier to find the venue of your dreams because you won’t have to figure out the logistics of fitting 200 people in that enchanting beach house you’ve had your eye on. It’s also a lot easier to add some personal touches that really reflect the bride and groom, and planning for a smaller guest list is a lot more manageable.

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