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While Ferman nor Castor have spoken to the media about this matter, the newly voted in district attorney Kevin Steele told CNN that this so-called agreement is potentially null and void saying that, “there is a specific legal method to grant immunity. That was not done in 2005.”

Constand’s lawyer admitted to never knowing about any such deal.

Three Universities Strip Bill Cosby Of Honorary Degrees

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Cosby’s 2005 deposition is the prosecution’s biggest weapon in their case against the star as he admitted under oath that he gave quaaludes to women to have sex with them.

Meanwhile Camille Cosby, Mr. Cosby’s wife of 51 years, has her own legal woes.

This week, lawyers filed an appeal against a judge who is making Mrs. Cosby testify in a Massachusetts defamation case against her husband filed by seven other women who claim they were raped by Mr. Cosby.

Camille Cosby’s lawyers are arguing that by forcing her to testify against her husband it “prohibits a spouse from testifying about private marital conversations in any court proceeding, including depositions,” the Associated Press wrote. However, the original judge ruled that since Mrs. Cosby was also Mr. Cosby’s business manager, she can testify to any behavior that transpired under their business relationship without breaking that rule.

If the appeal is not granted, Mrs. Cosby will have to testify on February 22, the Daily Mail UK reported.