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In less than 15 minutes we’re making a U-turn to the year 1997 with the #TNFB. Some great nostalgic memories will be packed into the 8 o’clock playlist we’re spinning so don’t miss your ride. Anyone remember the group Something For The People?  If you don’t, their hit song from 97’ will bring back the memories. We’ve also got hits from several artists that sold millions of albums during 1997 which is included in what many consider the “platinum era” of R&B/Hip-hop music.

One of those artists is Mary J. Blige. She released the album Share My World in 1997 and the first single Love Is All We Need marked a change of pace from what the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul had released from previous albums.

Here’s a 1997 video from MJB– “Everything

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