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John LegendJohn Legend

Source: Brad Barket / Getty

After what happened in Chicago, it is clear that folks are not playing with Trump’s racism, xenophobia ,sexism and utter nonsense. One of those people is Oscar-winning singer John Legend who read Trump for filth on Twitter.

It started when Trump’s spawn, Donald Trump Jr. got caught in his feelings when his father’s rally in the Windy City got shut down. Blaming the protesters, he said, “Ha 5 students when asked why they were protesting couldn’t even answer. The participation medal/micro aggression generation is pretty sad!”

Well that set Legend off, who snatched all the Trumps’ edges off.

Soon after, some Internet troll tried to question whether Legend had an education, and the singer clapped back very nicely:

Both him and Trump Jr. attended the University of Pennsylvania, Mashable pointed out.

It’s not like Legend is coming from left field. Trump’s comments and stance since he started his campaign have been incredibly problematic. He has called Mexican immigrants “rapists,” called for legislation that would ban Muslims from entering the country, killing ISIS family members and encouraging his supporters to physically assault Black protesters at is rallies.

Thankfully, last night, students and faculty of the University of Illinois–Chicago along with the Black Lives Matter movement, Latino, Muslim and white ally activists, showed Trump that his hateful rhetoric was not welcomed in the Windy City.

Power to the people!

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