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Bill Cosby is still fighting those sexual allegations made against him over a year ago. It seems like it’s been forever since there’s been an update on the status of these suits, but there might be a reason for that. Today, his defense team sought to have his trial moved back for the second time.

“Entertainer Bill Cosby is once again trying to delay a hearing, now set for May 24, in his ongoing effort to get a criminal sexual assault case against him dropped, new court filings show. His attorneys have filed an emergency stay asking Pennsylvania’s Superior Court to review last week’s decision by a mid-level court that allowed the case to go forward.”

The defense team argues that Bill Cosby was given immunity in an earlier civil suit. They believe it’s a violation of Bill’s due process rights to be tried for testimony given in that deposition. It was that deposition where he admitted to giving drugs to a woman he wanted to have sex with.

“If this court does not stay those proceedings, Mr. Cosby’s fundamental due process right not to be prosecuted and not to be subject to the criminal proceedings will be irreparably lost,” the filing states. “Mr. Cosby therefore files this application on an emergency basis.”

Bill Cosby has maintained his innocence throughout this entire ordeal.



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