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Let’s talk Bill Cosby.

Many thought the day would never come, but here it is!!!!

More than a decade after being accused of sexual misconduct, Bill Cosby will stand trial for assault charges.

The 78-year old comedian and actor went before the judge on Tuesday.

He had to be escorted into the court room because he suffers from vision problems.

He appeared to be a shadow of the man he used to be; the man we once knew as Cliff Huckstable, America’s Dad.

CNN’s Jean Casarez was inside the courtroom.


“The feel in that courtroom was professional. Bill Cosby was there.  He had to be there under law.  He sat at the defense table.  He didn’t talk with his attorneys very much at all.  It was a packed courtroom. The defense was extremely aggressive towards that judge.”

The defense was aggressive because they knew that if the judge decided in favor of the accuser Andrea Constand, that this would be the first card pulled that could bring down a house of cards that Cosby allegedly built to cover up his alleged actions.

The accuser, Andrea Constand claims that in 2004 she visited Cosby at his Elkins Park, Pennsylvania home after a night out with friends.

She claims that once she got there she was having emotional issues so Cosby gave her three blue pills to take and some wine.

“After that she said she felt woozy.  Her legs were weak.  He had to assist her to a couch.  She said that she was conscious in and out but she wasn’t able to stop him from sexually assaulting her.”

At that point those in the courtroom say Cosby’s defense team then began to go in on the prosecution and Constand’s claims.

They said her statements over the years have been contradictory.

They questioned why Constand met Cosby several times after that initial encounter.

She claims she met him repeatedly because she felt close to him.

The defense says that her repeated visits prove consent.

Although Constand accused Cosby of drugging her and sexually assaulting her in 2005, the district attorney in Pennsylvania decided the evidence insufficient to proceed with an investigation.

Constand then filed a civil claim which was settled by Cosby out of court for an undisclosed cash settlement which included a confidentiality agreement.

But in later years both sides accuse each other of breaking the agreement.

Lawsuits and charges have been filed and here we are!

Bill Cosby is going to trial for which there is no date yet.

If convicted Bill Cosby could get 30 years in prison – which means that he would probably die there because he’s almost 80 years old.

What a way to spend your golden years — in legal turmoil — the very real prospect of prison — and a reputation permanently destroyed.

What a fall from grace!

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