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Kimbo Slice (Kevin Ferguson), who will fight in the main event of the first mixed martial arts card

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One day, possibly in the near future, there will almost certainly be a movie made about Kimbo Slice’s life. He lived the American Dream. The only thing he couldn’t achieve was gold around his waist, but Kimbo would probably also admit that a mouth full of gold wasn’t so bad, either.

He was a star football player at the local level, but disaster would strike, an injury would occur, and Kimbo would never be able to truly achieve that next level on the gridiron. He would have to live out of his car and do what he had to do to survive, but eventually, the man born with the name Kevin Ferguson would put his natural abilities to use through organizing street fights. This is where his star was born and he would become Kimbo Slice, Superstar.

If you’re of a certain age (or possibly any age at this point), you’ll remember seeing Kimbo fight in backyards, boat yards, or really any variation of yard you could think of (even the back of restaurants). He was an incomprehensible figure. He looked like a bad guy out of a gritty, Rocky remake. Everyone watching the fights knew Kimbo wasn’t fighting professional talent, but he was fighting guys who would qualify as henchman from Streets of Rage, so it worked out.

This was typically the first fight you saw — and possibly one of the first things you ever saw on YouTube — mostly because Kimbo went full superhero on a guy before popping the dude’s eye out. (Obviously graphic warning.)

And the infamous boatyard brawl in which Kimbo defeats two large men in a boatyard. Did I mention they were in a boatyard? I find that fascinating. Boatyards very rarely tend to be violent.


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