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T.I. & Tameka 'Tiny' Harris Private Baby Shower

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When it comes to news the world loves to see and comment on a train wreck.  But the world never has much to say about the guy who saved the kitten stuck in a tree.  This same rule apply’s to the entertainment world.  Well today we are not going to focus on the train wreck.  We are going to focus on the beauty of the man and the kitten.  In this case rapper T.I.

T.I.  most shared news is when something negative has gone on in his life.  For instance:  jail time, shootings at concerts and his daughter, who was just arrested at the airport, to name a few.  Often times in our quest for negative entertainment we overlook this mans maturation’s and the things that are most important to him which are, believe it or not, family, education and community.  When we complain about “Ratched” TV, ei: The Real Housewives and Real Hip Hop etc etc, he gives us T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle.   A Man that when we complain about Donald Trump he puts his money where his mouth is, “if your for Trump, don’t buy from me”.  When we complain about our youth today, but through his show he tries to show our children, as well as his, things that he/we were not privy too.  We all try to raise our children the best way we can, but it would be a lie to say our child will not make mistakes or act not accordingly to which they were raised.

We as people, have not grown if we still think and act at 40, as we did at 21.   With that being said, I truly believe the same holds true for Clifford J. Harris Jr. aka TIP aka T.I.   We are the ones that hold on to jaundice thinking for our entertainment only.

Check out these tender video’s of T.I. with his new addition to his Family Hustle, Heiress Diana Harris.

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