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Bill Cosby

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Rewind back to 2007 when Bill Cosby had just commenced his nationwide tour of telling poor Black America to pull themselves up by their baggy jeans and get themselves together. Black America was unsettled by what seemed to be a never ending crusade waged by America’s favorite Jell-O pudding eating dad and fierce debates were launched on cable talk shows and around the web (yes, the internet was around back then) as many notable figures called Cosby out for being elitist and out of touch.

Michael Eric Dyson did what Michael Eric Dyson does and wrote a whole book about the poverty politics of Cosby’s speeches (if you missed this little gem of reading, you’re better off for it) and conversation erupted everywhere from college campuses to barber shops about “bad Blacks” and what to do about them. Now that you’re in the right mind frame, imagine heading down to Miami to attend the International Book Fair and take in a lecture from the always enchantingly “honest” writer, poet and scholar Nikki Giovanni and getting a completely unprompted rant on Bill Cosby and his antics. Yep, you’re right–it’s totally epic, and at this very moment, it sounds so incredibly insightful.



He’s mad because they’re dropping their drawers. He’s mad because he has to look at their cracks. That’s not the only cracks he’s mad at looking at because he’s looked at a lot of other ones didn’t he?

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