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Modern dating just got really racist.

Colorism reels its ugly head once again in the form of a new mobile dating app called Smoochr.

The app allows Black people to choose matches based on their skin color and hair texture.

After asking about your sexual preference, the app asks more specific details such as your skin tone (from mocha to chocolate), your body type (a little overweight to BBW), and your hair texture (natural to extensions).

To make things slightly more offensive, the app even asks about your lip size. Do you have soup coolers or duck lips?

If you’re pissed off just reading this, you aren’t the only one.

When Elen Awalom saw this mess, she took to Twitter and created the hashtag #shutdownsmoochr:

The Black Twitter community also was not pleased  — weighing in on other issues with the app, including income and addressing the LGBTQ community:

We agree with the Twittersphere — #shutdownsmoochr.



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