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Nick Cannon‘s father, James Cannon, has lashed out at his son’s ex-wife, Mariah Carey, claiming that she never tried to save their marriage, and even insinuated that might have been unfaithful with her now fiancé James Packer.

Cannon said that the lack of time between Carey’s split with his son, and announcement of her engagement to Packer was “suspicious” and said that if his son had moved on to a new woman as quickly he would have been labeled as a “gigolo.”

He then plainly said that he thinks Carey received preferential treatment following the split because she’s a woman. “If Nick would have moved on quickly like that, so soon after the marriage, everyone in the country would have been questioning things.” He said. Adding, “A woman can come out of divorce immediately, people tell her to get someone else to get over it, but to a man that’s not the advice I would have given to my son. You got to have counseling…I’ve been watching just like everyone else, someone (Mariah) is already dating before the divorce is even final. It’s different for Mariah because she’s a woman.”

He then made his most inflammatory accusation, saying that he questions Carey’s faith to her son when the two were married, saying, “If my mom already decided she wanted to get married to another man next week after my pop just passed, I would question, did you really just meet this person? How long was this relationship really going on? Did you sabotage your relationship?

While Carey has already moved far beyond her former marriage, Cannon took quite a bit longer. But dating rumors for the 35-year-old rapper/actor/host are finally beginning to heat up.

It’s unclear whether or not Nick himself believes there is some truth to these accusations, but if he does he’s not showing it. He has only continued to sing his ex-wife’s praises since their split.

SOURCE: DailyMail | PHOTO:Getty

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