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Department Of Justice Launches Civil Rights Investigation In Shooting Of A Black Man By Baton Rouge Police Officer

Source: Mark Wallheiser / Getty


Late Saturday night a 23 year old man was fatally shot by Milwaukee Police sending protesters to the street and 4 buildings up in flames. At approximately 3:30 pm Saturday afternoon, police stopped 2 male occupants in a car, who then fled the scene on foot. During the foot chase, one officer shot, who he identified as an armed suspect with a semiautomatic handgun. The officer was wearing a body camera that was on and recording though its unclear whether the suspect aimed or attempted to fire his weapon at the police. Many hours after the shooting, large crowds took to the streets smashing windows and torching several businesses. The crowd began to dissipate around midnight while city leaders are promising an investigation into the altercation. Stay up to date with Magic 95.5 as this story develops.


Source: NPR