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We all have a favorite Nelly tagline that reminds us of some momentous occasion whether it was Dilemma playing at your prom to your drunk aunt dancing to Hot In Herre at your wedding suggesting she’s ‘hip’; Nelly has been with all of us. These days, Nelly is facing a huge IRS debt of some 2.4 million and needs YOUR help. He and his team have put together a campaign to help Nelly get the money while making you dance. It was proposed that fans stream Nelly’s Hot In Herre 287,176,547 times to get a large payout from Spotify and relieve the debt and many fans have already started helping out by buying on iTunes and streaming as well using the hashtag #SaveNelly. I need to know…….Should the fans help #SaveNelly or should he have taken the grill back to Paul Wall after he told him to make him a grill…meaning should he have been more responsible with his money? VOTE BELOW and leave comments! 

Source: Time