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It’s all downhill from here to the weekend! Let’s keep our friends on the east coast in our thoughts as they brace for Hurricane Matthew. If you haven’t called up to tell us your requests or comment on the nightly scenario, hit us up at 844-258-8762. What guidance can you give to Ebony’s #OHSOREALscenario

Since high school Ebony has always gotten compliments on how pretty she was. She’s always taken advantage by accepting dates to nice restaurants and gifts, but recently she took an accounting job from a man she knows only hired her for her looks. He flirted throughout the entire interview and while Ebony never planned to take things further, she flirted back because the job paid six figures. Now that Ebony isn’t biting the bait, she thinks her boss is trying to get rid of her. Her question is how can she get her boss to back off without ending up on the unemployment line? Should she quit or fight to keep her job? 

We’re taking your advice for Ebony on Facebook too! Join tonight’s discussion…it’s all #LoveAndRnB!

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