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We appreciate the responses we get each night for the scenario and your song requests. At 8pm Sunday – Thursday we bring you a nightly feature and on Thursdays we play a little trivia with the Thursday Night Special. Tune in RIGHT NOW and see how it goes down. #Lovers call 844-258-8762 and share your thoughts on tonight’s #OHSOREALScenario:

Jeremiah and Jamella are both in their late 40’s and have dated for the past year. They are both divorcees and feel like they’re at a point where they know what they want. Jeremiah wants to get married at the church while Jamella thinks they should elope and have a reception with their families in attendance.

Jamella says their is so much they could do with the money they would save by not having a church wedding. Jeremiah says he will pay for everything but still Jamella doesn’t feel it’s the best decision. Since neither is willing to budge, Jamella is wondering what solutions you might offer or if they should just continue dating until they work it out?

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