Covergirl’s first male model James Charles has been getting dragged on social media.

The drag fest was sparked when the model was sharing news of his upcoming trip to Africa but his prejudice and ignorance was put to light.

Once the drag storm reached its breaking point, James was forced to issue an apology.

First off, Africa is not a country but a continent (can’t believe we need to still say that in 2017). Second, not only does he need a geography lesson he needs to educate himself to the fact that the countries that were involved in the Ebola crisis have since been declared free of the deadly disease.

Since Charle’s apology didn’t do the trick, Covergirl themselves sent out a tweet apologizing on behalf of their model.


It is just dishearting to see these comments come from Charles who many people from all backgrounds have been rooting for him since before he landed his Covergirl contract. Do you accept his apology?