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Candice Wiggins in a recent interview revealed the nature of playing in the WNBA. She described her experience as “harmful” and, in so many words, not welcoming to her ‘kind’. She went on to explain ” I think about 98% of the women who play basketball for the WNBA identify as lesbians.” While only 12 players have come out saying they were homosexual, there is assumed to be more. “There was a lot of jealousy and competition and we’re all fighting for crumbs.” The league maximum salary for the 2014 was a disturbing, $107,000/ year, Wiggins said they were encouraged to play and be like men. “look like a man, play like a man” to get respect. “It comes to a point where you get compared so much to the men, you come to mirror the men….I was the opposite. I was proud to a be a woman, and it didn’t fit well in that culture.” There are obviously some women in the league who don’t appear to be homosexual who haven’t had this experience, or spoke on it. Monique Curry, player for San Antonio Stars , said she “never witnessed the kind of bullying’ described by Wiggins. “This does not mean it did not happen but I’m proud to be apart of a league that supports inclusion and celebrates all players regardless of their race, religion or sexuality.”


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Source: Huffington Post

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