Is it hard to ask our president to stop with the false claims and out of control tweeting? Of course, it didn’t take long for President Donald Trump to go back on his word to end the petty attacks as he addressed in his Joint Address to Congress. Saturday morning we all woke up to yet another Twitter firestorm created by the commander and chief.

The current president claimed that during last year’s election, sitting President Barack Obama order to have his Trump Tower in NYC to be wired taped.


Though his supporters will say otherwise, there is no evidence that suggests these claims and no one from the White House and Intelligence agencies have any clue what in the heck Trump is talking about. We waited all day for an explanation but there is none, making this another one of Trump’s great big lies.

However, it didn’t take long for Obama to release a statement against these bogus claims.


Along with this statement, many went after the president on Twitter to let him know how he really sounds right about now.

We all do respect Mr. President but imma need you to keep Obama’s name out your mouth.