Some Ohioans are trying to get themselves a piece of the pie when it comes to the medical marijuana business. For those who want to get in on the business are asking regulators for a little help with making the playing field even with big companies.

According to 10TV, the Ohio Department of Commerce currently plans to “award up to 12 large grow licenses and 12 small grow licenses statewide based on criteria including a company’s business plan, security measures, and experience.” Though being an Ohio resident is not required but is being reviewed.

Many Ohioans at a public hearing in Reynoldsburg are requesting the residency requirement.

We’re the ones who fought for this,” said Kelly Mottola, owner of Hydro Innovations in Hilliard. “Allowing people from outside the state is not benefiting Ohio or Ohioans or our unemployment.”


Residency requirements have been included in several other states’ who legalized medical and recreational marijuana.

A panel of state lawmakers will review the rules, which must be finalized by May 6.

Ohio’s medical marijuana law permits residents with one of the state’s pre-approved medical conditions and diseases to buy and use marijuana only if such treatment is recommended by a physician.


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Source: 10TV