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The pay gap is not just gender based.

The political atmosphere has many forcing the government to tackle the pay gap when it comes to gender. Yes, women statistically made less than men but a new study shows that race also a factor in how much you earn.

A new study by the Medscape shows that among doctors, white physicians make  ($303,000), followed by those who are Asian ($283,000), Hispanic ($271,000), and black/African American ($262,000). If not making less than your counterparts isn’t frustrating enough, black physicians also shared they experience discrimination too.

No matter how hard I try, or how well I treat my patients and the staff, I do not receive as much respect or credit for my efforts as does my male, white counterpart,” a female neonatal/perinatal doctor wrote. “One nurse even told me to shut up.

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Despite this trouble information, black physicians ranked the highest when it comes to being happy in their field.

The study also proves what many have been saying that females make less than men for doing the same work. Male doctors earning $229,000 and females $197,000 according to the data.One reasoning is that more female physicians are employed and more male physicians are self-employed. However, many female physicians and studies debate that theory.

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