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The black own hair company just shattered the trust of their loyal black consumers.

For many hair naturalists like myself, Shea Moisture was a brand that I rallied behind. Not only has it given me the best hair I’ve had in years, it was catered to women of color.

Even though black women outspend all other races in beauty by millions, we never had a brand like Shea Moisture that had a variety of products that will work on all curls, kinks and natural styles. Shea Moisture tackled the beauty industry to finally recognize that our “ethnic is beautiful.”

That message alone was part of their #BreakTheWalls campaign but now may have gone too far. In a new ad, they have now welcome white women in the circle and people are not having any of it.

Shea Moisture heard all of our voices and apologized and will take the ad down. However, this still feels to many like a betrayal. I believe in this product like many but can we just ever have anything to ourselves these days?

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