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Shots rang out in Blach Springs, Texas as teens dispersed out of a party hitting 15 year old Jordan Edwards. As Jordan and his older brother got into their car, Attorney Lee Merritt , representing the family of Edwards explains: “As they backed out of a parking space, they heard someone shouting profanities at them,” he said. “Before they had a chance to respond, the person shouting at them shot three shots into the vehicle and one of the three rounds went into Jordan Edwards’ forehead.” The teens drove AWAY from a Blach Springs Police officer before he fatally shot Edwards. Edwards is the youngest person to have been killed by law enforcement this year. According to Blach Springs Police Chief Jonathan Haber, an “unknown altercation” occurred before the shooting. He said the officer opened fire after the vehicle started “backing down the road toward the officers in an aggressive manner.” While the police and witness details conflict, the case is being treated as a homicide. “They got about a block away when they realized Jordan had been hit,” Merritt said.

“They stopped the car and tried to flag down police officers that were passing by, but those police officers just kept going.

They waited for a little while and another group of officers came by and they were able to flag them down and receive emergency help.”Merritt said none of the occupants in the vehicle with Edwards have been charged with a crime. He also said authorities did not find alcohol or weapons in the vehicle. The police department plans to do an internal investigation and the shooting officer is on administrative leave. The medical examiner’s office said Jordan was killed with a  unnamed rifle.


Source: Huffington Post