GOP literally passed a bill they didn’t bother to read…but we did.


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On Thursday the GOP majority Congress and the Trump White House literally celebrated a political “win” when the American Health Care Act passed the House floor. With many Americans finding out that Republicans were seen “drinking beer” and celebrated at the rose garden with Trump, will we be celebrating if this becomes law?

I will let you decide and just show you what has been covered so far in the ACHA bill:

  • Under current rules, insurers cannot charge older adults more than three times what they charge young adults for the same coverage. The House bill would allow them to charge five times as much.
  • The bill would end Medicaid as an open-ended entitlement to health care and would put the program on a budget.
  • The bill encourages people to maintain “continuous coverage” by requiring insurers to impose a 30 percent surcharge on premiums for those who experience a gap in coverage.
  • Under the bill, states could opt out of certain provisions of the Affordable Care Act, including one that requires insurers to provide a minimum set of health benefits, such as maternity care and emergency services, and another that prohibits them from charging higher premiums based on a person’s health status.
  • The bill would cut the taxes of high-income people by nearly $300 billion over 10 years by repealing a payroll tax increase and a tax on their investment income imposed by the Affordable Care Act.

For more details on the bill you can go here.

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