This GOP Congress is out of touch and our governor agrees.

Republican Presidential Hopefuls Address Faith And Freedom Summit In D.C.

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We saw last week the GOP-controlled House and President Donald Trump have a celebration passing a health care bill that takes over $800 billion away from the poor and needy and given to the rich. However, Ohio Governor John Kasich was not celebrating with his party.

Kasich was on CNN with Jake Tapper and said he would not opt-out of Obamacare due to Trumpcare “not being enough to fund states.

There would be no reason to move to a high-risk pool, because a high-risk pool is not funded,” he said. “So, I would just stay in the traditional program on the exchange.”

The governor has been on a book tour promoting his new book “Two Paths: America Divided or United” and stopped on Real Time with Bill Maher to talk about his book and uniting the country.


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