Ms. Rice please have several seats.

Condoleezza Rice

Source: Lior Mizrahi / Getty

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is making people get in their feelings yet again by expressing her opinion. She sat with down with Fox And Friends to talk about her new book “Democracy” when asked how she felt about cities tearing down statues of slave owners and white supremacists.

“I’m a firm believer in ‘keep your history before you.’ And so I don’t actually want to rename things that were named for slave owners,” Rice replied. “I want us to have to look at the names and recognize what they did, and be able to tell our kids what they did and for them to have a sense of their own history.”

According to Washington Examiner Rice added that the country’s founders should be seen through the “content of their time” as opposed to the lens of today’s beliefs.

She may is missing the point as many black Americans in southern cities feel that these men and statues representing white supremacy are celebrating the “old south.” Many monuments and statues have a message including words like “white supremacy” and were used to be reminders that even black and brown people were “free” the South still reign.

Do you agree with Condoleezza Rice and think we should keep up statues that represent America’s history of slavery?

Source: NewsOne Now