When Trump as black people to vote for him because “what do you have to lose?” Welp, now you see…


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Though President Donald Trump is busy conducting his first international tour, Congress and national media are having to deal and explain his proposed budget he wants to pass. The budget will include $193 billion in cuts to food stamps being described as “welfare reform.”

Via NewsOne Now:

Trump’s blueprint for the 2018 budget year comes out Tuesday and the Associated Press reports that those familiar with the plan reveal that it would slash pensions for federal workers and require higher contributions toward those pension benefits; cut refundable tax credits; and also chop “$193 billion … from food stamps over the coming decade — a cut of more than 25 percent — implemented by cutting back eligibility and imposing additional work requirements.”

The AP further reports that “these food stamp cuts are several times larger than those attempted by House Republicans a few years back and comprise the bulk of a 10-year, $274 billion proposal that’s labeled as welfare reform.”

Not to forget the budget if passed by Congress will eliminate community development block grants, slash medical research and eviscerate foreign aid.

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