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Living is Ohio is one thing that most of us reading this article have in common maybe. Here are some sure ways to know if one is from Ohio. If they suffer from these 7 side effects:

1. You stopped believing in the “four seasons” sham a long time ago: In reality, we know that any one of them can occur at any given moment because Mother Nature knows no boundaries in Ohio.

Traffic jam in snowy conditions

Source: Digital Vision. / Getty

2. You know the reality of the Ohio State/Michigan rivalry that can tear family and friends apart and it’s perfectly acceptable:You’re a Buckeye and you’re proud.

Ohio State Buckeyes v Nebraska Cornhuskers 10-6-2012

Source: Diamond Images / Getty

3. While driving (anywhere in the world really) your eyes scan surrounding woods and the road ahead for deer: Especially highways.

Doe Eye-deep In Tall Prairie Grass

Source: David C Stephens / Getty

4. You give directions based on a location’s proximity to a major city and you give them in time increments, not miles: “It’s an hour outside of Cincinnati” will be the sort of answers you get from us and you really can’t expect anything else.

Freeway Traffic

Source: Digital Vision. / Getty

5. You’ll forever use the term “pop” instead of “soda.”: AND YOU KNOW WHAT WE MEAN SO STOP ACTING LIKE WE’RE ALIENS

PepsiCo To Buy Bottlers, After First Offer Months Ago Declined

Source: Justin Sullivan / Getty

6. You are 100 percent convinced that you don’t have an accent: What accent?

African American Couple on a Dinner Date

Source: Skip ODonnell / Getty

7. You refer to stores such as Meijer, Kroger and JC Penney in possessive form: you and your grandma say Kroger’s, Target’s, Meijer’s

Black woman holding cell phone laughing in grocery store

Source: Granger Wootz / Getty

Source: OnlyInYourState