Older woman reportedly have “better sex” compared to younger women.

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It has always been an urban myth that younger women have more fun in the sheets. One survey is proving that younger women haven’t seen the mountain top in their sex life.

Via Hello Beautiful:

Contraceptive app ‘Natural Cycles’ commissioned a study of 2,600 women, asking them about their experience with sex–from orgasms to sexual enjoyment.

The answers were segmented by age group (under 23, 23-35 and 36 and over), and the results were surprising.

Women in the over 36 group reported feeling sexier and more confident than their younger counterparts. The 86% of the older age group said they had great sex in the last month, compared to only 76% of the middle group, and 56% of the youngest, The Independentreports.

And not only were the older women having better sex, they were orgasming more too. The 36 and up cohort reported higher frequency of reaching climax with their partners as well.

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Source: Hello Beautiful