Activists in Philly send a clear message to the police department we not with the “stop-and-fondle” practice.

Black Lives Matter activists in Philadelphia are using a creative way to fight back at the police “stop-and-fondle” practice.

According to NewsOne Now, police were searching young, black men in their private areas and sometimes conducting body cavities in public.

Via NewsOne Now:

The symbolic gesture [which involved two pairs of men’s underwear] was courtesy of Black Lives Matter Movement Pennsylvania, a local chapter of the national organization, in protest of so-called “stop-and-fondle” practices recently exposed by Philadelphia Daily News.

Enraged by a story published last week chronicling instances of young, black men being stopped and their bodies illegally searched [with probing that involves searching the underwear and body cavities of suspects in public,] Philadelphia activist Asa Khalif delivered a powerful message via megaphone: “It is illegal to stop and frisk. It is illegal to go into someone’s underwear and touch their penis. Touch their buttocks. You think it’s common practice and it’s legal, but it’s not,” he bellowed outside police headquarters in Center City.

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