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2017 NBA Finals - Game Five

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Michael Rapaport doesn’t like LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. He’s made that clear throughout the NBA Finals, rooting for a Golden State Warriors sweep and antagonizing Cavs fans online in a bizarrely personal manner. While he’s retweeted haters and generally seems to be enjoying himself, he reached his peak as the Warriors won the NBA title on Monday night.

Rapaport tweeted a profane video in which he’s joined by Rasheed Wallace at some kind of bar for a late-night rant about something LeBron did seven years ago.

Unfortunately filmed in portrait and not landscape mode, Rapaport immediately starts going in on LeBron James.

“Now you take your big three and you shove it right the f–k up your ass,” Rapaport said. “You ruined the NBA, you f—k.”

Wallace joined in to add some swears as well, and the two exchanged high-fives.



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