Unidentified juror reports that none felt Cosby was guilty of all three charges.


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It was one hot mess involving the jurors of the Bill Cosby trial. With new reports, we see that none of the jurors were 100 percent on the same page.

ABC News reports the two jurors refused to say Cosby was guilty of the first count of digital penetration and the third count of giving the alleged victim drugs that would make her unconscious without her knowledge. Surprisingly 11 jurors thought he was not guilty of the second count of having sex with the victim, Andrea Constand, without her knowing.

Jury Deliberates In Bill Cosby Sexual Assault Case

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Before the initial deadlock, all the jurors voted that the once America’s Dad was not guilty of all three counts. No word on what shifted some jurors.

The juror that spoke with ABC News described the jurors being “very angry” and one male juror “punching the wall,” as they all were frustrated to come with a unanimous verdict.

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