The black rights organization respond to critics that they are “losing traction.

Black Lives Matters leaders are responding to a Buzzfeed article that claims they do not have the same momentum.

“Black Lives Matter is still here. Its groups are still organizing,” wrote Buzzfeed reporter Darren Sands in his article “What Happen To Black Lives Matter.” “But Black Lives Matter is on the verge of losing the traction and momentum that sparked a national shift on criminal justice policy.”

Since catching wind of the article, BLM wrote a rebuttal on and is asking for Buzzfeed to retract the article.

“These are dangerous times for our people,” read the piece. “History tells us that we need responsible, thoughtful and brave journalism. But movements can be stopped in their tracks by uninformed and inaccurate hit pieces that trade in gossip. We must consider what we believe in, who we stand with, and what we are fighting for.

Do you agree that BLM is losing momentum in fighting for the rights of black and brown people?

Source: NewsOne Now