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Nick Young is the newest member of the Golden State Warriors, a team whose fans he once dragged on Twitter for being bandwagon fans. Yes, Young didn’t have much love for Dubs fans while he was a member of the Los Angeles Lakers.

When Young signed with Golden State on Thursday, intrepid internet archeologists dug deep into his Twitter profile to find all the instances where he threw shade at the fans who will now cheer for Swaggy P when he hits all those swaggy threes.

This all started when Young was watching a Golden State game and complained about how much they passed. Warriors fans got on him for talking about their team, and he fired back.

Now Young does have a pretty good point: if you can figure out which team he’s talking about, maybe there’s something to what he’s saying. Perhaps the fans doth protest too much here? But Young wasn’t finished.

Yeah, Swaggy P is going to do just fine for the Warriors. This is going to be fun.



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