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Sex can get you good and right for more reasons than you might think. For men especially, getting off, could have healthy implications for your prostate. 

According to a study of almost 32,000 men published in the journal of European Urology, high levels of sexual activity could reduce the risk of getting prostate cancer by 33 percent. Scientists say that frequent ejaculations, especially masturbation if you do not have a sexual partner, can play a major role in keeping the semen-producing gland healthy. Researching even gave the ideal number of times you should ejaculate per month — 21 times. This is equal to 252 times annually.

Experts are still figuring out the specifics of why ejaculation lowers the risk of prostate cancer. One theory is that ejaculation flushes out cancer-causing toxins.

Prostate cancer is more common in older men, with 85 percent of cases diagnosed in men over 65 years old. The Harvard researchers who did the study said an active sex life could indicated good health in general, which could also lower the risk of cancer. However, along with having lots of sex, experts still advise having a good diet, routine exercise, and doctor check-ups. A full healthy lifestyle could lower that cancer risk even more. 


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