The men in this year’s “The Bachelorette” tackle race and keep it real.

With the first black Bachelorette cast to find her one true love, race has been a major hurdle for her to maneuver. Doesn’t make things easy when you have one of your suitors, Lee, being accused as a racist.

With a lot of the tension being generated by Lee, it was not surprising to see all the bachelors this season get their last chance to expose him. One bachelor Kenny called out Lee asking how can you compare the NAACP to the KKK but want to date a black woman?

Some of the bachelors expressed that Lee, who is an aspiring country singer, only came on the show to get fame.

Next week is the finale and no one is sure who Rachel will pick. Bryan, Peter, and Eric are left vying for Rachel’s heart, see on Monday 8 pm on ABC.

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