The lawsuit claims that school turned their back on a student being bullied.

The family of the 8-year-old student in a Cincinnati school that hung himself has filed a federal lawsuit against the school.

The student, Gabriel Taye, was a victim of bullying and the civil rights and wrongful death suit states the school turned a blind eye. A tape has surfaced showing Taye being cornered in the boy’s restrooms showing him being bullied. Other sources tell WCPO that the student was constantly bullied, which his family says resulted in his suicide.

The suit says school officials “deliberately withheld vital information from his mother, including that he had been assaulted, lost consciousness for a considerable period of time, and was at risk of a serious head injury. Defendants informed his mother only that Gabe had fainted in the boy’s restroom and had recovered completely.”

In addition, the suit claims “defendant school officials not only knew that student-on-student aggression was rampant, especially in the unsupervised bathrooms but chose to cover it up rather than alert parents and the school community so the violence could be investigated and resolved.”

Cincinnati Public Schools said its employees followed proper procedures.
The school nurse checked Gabriel’s vital signs, which were normal. She also contacted Gabriel’s mother and asked her to pick him up and take him to the hospital to be checked out,” the district said in a statement.

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Source: WCPO