So apparently Nazis salutes will only give people the boot these days.

After years of baffling rhetoric from CNN contributor Jeffrey Lord, the cable news channel finally gave him the boot after tweeting “Sieg Heil.”

For those who don’t know, that term is a Nazi salute used by Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich. Lord was aiming that tweet at Media Matters For America’s Angelo Carusone, who was behind the campaign to help advertisers pull from Fox News.

Welp, it backfired once CNN caught wind and now other news outlets tell Huffington Post they are not interested in hiring him.

Some say he finally got what he deserved but Lord has had a long history with ridiculous claims. Like how he compared President Donald Trump to civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. Last December, claimed there were “no color people in America.” With the rise of Black Lives MAtter, he blames them solely for the rise of white supremacy.


That’s is just the tip of the iceberg. Many are asking CNN “what took you so long?”

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Source: Huffington Post