The officer involved in the aggressive police arrest in a  store has been removed for “inappropriate and unprofessional comments.”

Columbus Police have come under fire with a body cam video surfacing showing officers beating a man down to his arrest. Wednesday the department announced one of the officers has been removed from duty for “inappropriate and unprofessional comments.”

In the video you can hear the officer make a comment “I’m gonna choke the life out of you.”

I am appalled by the statements made by this officer,” Columbus Police Chief Kim Jacobs said in a released statement. “They are not consistent with the training of our officers. Accountability and transparency are vital to our entire community and every member of the division.

September 1, an eye witness captured on his cell phone a video that went viral showing 31-year-old Timothy Davis as police aggressively take him down. Police say they used physical force to try to get Davis to put his hands behind his back and stop resisting. Though policy states officers can use physical force to arrest suspects, Davis was tased three times making it difficult to put his hands behind his back.

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Many residents agree the comments were disturbing but what about the arrest itself?

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