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ABC's 'How to Get Away with Murder' - Season Four

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Tonight’s episode of How to Get Away With Murder is in flashback format, as per usual. However, it’s one big therapy session between Annalise and her counselor. The episode opens with the reminder that Annalise is living in a hotel, which doesn’t bother her, and she tells her counselor that she took her first case last week since being back.

Now we flashback to Annalise taking the case. The case is that of Jasmine, one of the women Annalise met when she was locked up. Jasmine is shocked that Annalise would take her case on, and pro bono at that. Jasmine is a career prostitute and drug addict convicted who was possibly wrongfully convicted on an illegal firearm charge. This woman has a lengthy record and other charges to contend with, winning won’t be easy.


Meanwhile, Annalise’s kids are busy trying to figure out their next career moves. They’re interviewing for respective internships and having an awkward time with interviewers who are less interested in them as candidates and more interested what it was like working for Annalise, the notorious.  Later on, Michaela and Asher get call backs to their firm of choice while Connor and Laurel have no luck.

Bonnie is moving on with her life away from Annalise. She works at the DA’s office now and she’s bitter af that Annalise let her go. That comes into play a little later, but hold that thought.

Jasmine’s case isn’t looking good at first. There’s body camera footage of her soliciting the arresting officer for sex. Then it comes out that Jasmine was pimped out to a crew of savages by her father, at 13-year-old, for some drugs. Basically, this is a nod to broken people getting sucked into a broken system that discards them instead of actually reforming them.


Annalise realizes that her client is a sex trafficking victim and reaches out to Bonnie for help because needs Jasmine’s sealed files from when she was a minor, from the DA’s office. Bonnie gets real stank and refuses, but Frank’s stalker behind slides in with the goods. He’s still trying to get back in Annalise’s good graces so he shows up to her hotel room with the info, and even though she’s not thrilled to see him she takes the files. Frank leaves without incident, but tells her that he’s always there when she needs him.


Annalise’s counselor is trying to get her to see that this case is close to her heart she she was also a victim of child sex abuse. Annalise denise this, but c’mon son, we know what it is. Anyway, Annalise digs deep in court. She found disparities in how Jasmine’s case was handled as a child. Basically Jasmine was the judge’s only black client and while the judge didn’t send her to jail and sealed her record out of courtesy, he didn’t make sure she was released to a safe  environment. However, he made sure that his white clients were protected. This method of defense is unorthodox because Annalise is gonna Annalise, but she did a good job of making the court see that Jasmine was treated as a criminal instead of a victim and set up for failure.

As a result, the judge orders Jasmine’s previous records to be sealed and allows her to get out of jail and be eligible for assistance. As long as Jasmine stays out of court she can live her life and apply for work without worrying about a prior convictions. Annalise is there when a grateful Jasmine gets out of jail and even sends her off with money. However, she reveals to her counselor that she thinks Jasmine will be reaching out to her soon, saying that she’s back on the streets and back on drugs. Hopefully not.

Annalise claims she’s done adopting people because she ruins lives, but this wouldn’t be a bad passion project…from a distance. Just wire Jasmine some dough here and there and send some people to keep her lifted and out of trouble.


The episode winds down with news that Michaela got an offer from Kaplan and Gold (the firm she and Asher wanted), but Asher didn’t. Laurel urges her to take the job because it’s the firm that represents her father and then she drops the bomb. She reveals that her father killed Wes. Michaela is rightfully stunned.


Two months later, we’re at the hospital with Laurel freaking over her missing baby after regaining consciousness. Annalise’s counselor is at the hospital witnessing this. He calls Annalise, who doesn’t pick up, and leaves her a message  wondering where she is but also informing her that Laurel is awake.

Then we cut to Bonnie on the bloody scene of a crime. It looks like someone was dragged out of an elevator. We don’t know who it is, but in next week’s preview Annalise is going to be called to identify the body. Lordt.

Here we go again.


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