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Issa wrap for Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood Season 4, but our favorite west coast ratchets aren’t done with the shenanigans just yet. Tonight we got two episodes of LHHHS4. One was the season finale and the other was part 1 of the reunion and you already know we were ready to watch. But let’s condense everything that went down.


In short, Alexis Skyy is pregnant with Fetty Wap’s, baby as we all know by now. According to Masika, Alexis Skyy had planned to surprise everyone with it at the reunion, but Masika blew up her spot on social media.

Tonight, Alexis Skyy mentions her baby bump while corresponding from backstage (for her safety) and swears that she would show Masika how to slay a baby bump.


Basically, she’s going hard with throwing this pregnancy in Masika’s face, and Masika was isn’t really bothered because she has been there done that.

Congratulations, you’re babymama number 50, pregnant with his 100th child.


Alexis says her beef with Masika is deeper than just Fetty. She accuses Masika of paying blogs not to post news about her and paying people to claim that they slept with Fetty Wap to their relationship. Masika says Alexis is antagonizing her for a storyline. If you think about it, this theory makes sense. Think about it, Fetty Wap has dealt with multiple women at the same time he was “in a relationship” with Alexis, including Masika. Other women also came out and claimed to be pregnant with his baby around the same time Masika was. Masika is the only one of these women who is on a popular TV show yet Alexis attacked Masika on social media and on TV.


It could be attention-whoring at its finest, but that’s not new on the Love and Hip-Hop franchises.

I mean, is water wet?

Other than that, this conversation goes nowhere and they’re still not cool. Alexis Skyy thinks they should squash their beef since their children will be siblings. Masika ain’t with it.

At some point Nasal-He Nastrildamus Hazel-E injects herself into the conversation, and Masika is ready to snatch her wig again. Nasal-He Nastrildamus Hazel-E doesn’t back down but then it becomes Hazel-E vs. Moniece.


But security got that on lock, and strike>Nasal-He Nastrildamus Hazel-E ends up leaving the reunion.

Moniece and AD got their relationship back on track, and AD’s friend, Tiffany, still doesn’t like it. Tiffany still believes that Moniece is fake, but AD finally stands up for Moniece and tells Tiffany she is out of line and insinuates that she’s turning up for TV. In the end, Tiffany wishes AD the best.

Yeah right.

Ray J and Princess are still trying to conceive, Kesyhia Cole, who appeared about 3 times this season, and Booby are still good friends and co-parents, so that’s the blah section of the night.

Safaree is moving back to New York City. You already know we’ll probably be seeing him on the original Love and Hip-Hop. He’s way too entertaining.


Omarion still won’t return Fizz’s calls, but it’s also not looking like Ray J will be joining B2K either. He and J-Boog just can’t get right. J-Boog isn’t feeling Ray-J’s ego, especially the fact that Ray J legit suggested they call themselves Ray 2k and then shaded B2K’s vocals.


Anyway, no fists have been thrown despite threats of delivering fade, so it’s best for these two to keep their distance. Fizz is just going to have to create another group, LSG-style.

Zellswag is still turnt up and reaching beyond the moon for his spot on the next season. He does the most again. No really, he does the most. There’s a moment when Nina asks Zell and Misster Ray to hug it out after seemingly hashing out their differences. They get up to make it happen, but Zell has an agenda. He smacks fire out of Misster Ray instead of giving him a hug, and promptly gets kicked out.  


Teairra Mari is back from rehab and seems to be flourishing. Cisco is still trash, but we’ll get more to their situation next week. Actually, there’s a lot more to come next week since you can’t cover everything in an hour.

Back at it next week, same ratchet time, same ratchet channel.


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