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ATW, Toronto artists, Sara, Mykell

Source: Courtesy of BMA

Toronto duo Sara G. and Mykell Messiah of Against The World are here to flip the script with a brand new single they’re calling “How Can I?” Mirroring the trials and tribulations of their real life relationship, Sara puts her pride aside to apologize to Mykell and earn his trust again after being unfaithful on this heartfelt track.

“I just wanna be your girl again/cast a stone if you be without sin,” she sings before Mykell asks how he can ever trust her?

While speaking to Global Grind about the inspiration behind the lyrics and why they chose to release it now, Sara confessed the song’s direct connection to her own love life.

ATW, Toronto artists, Sara, Mykell

Source: Courtesy of BMA

“Being in the music industry, you can be put in to compromising situations with producers and different industry people. Some mistakes were made, we reconciled, and we decided to move forward but I was feeling frustrated because I felt like [my mistakes] were always being brought up even though I’ve proven my love,” she explained.

“It felt like I wasn’t being forgiven. So when I wrote that record, really it was out of frustration for the way I was being treated and how I was being viewed. I just wanted him to see me as that girl that he knew before…” she continued.

Singer/songwriter/producer Mykell had a really insightful thought about why it’s so much harder for a woman to win back her man’s trust after cheating. “I think subconsciously men hold women to a higher standard and so they feel like even though they’re going to make mistakes, they never expect a female to… mistakes do happen, but being really remorseful, that happens too,” he told us.

ATW, Toronto artists, Sara, Mykell

Source: Courtesy of BMA

All in all, the duo says “How Can I?” is all about showing that it goes both ways—women aren’t perfect and should be shown some forgiveness too. Also, as Mykell put it, “There aren’t a lot of records from this perspective, even though there are a lot of men going through this situation.”

Premiere Against The World’s raw truth on “How Can I?” below and tweet us your thoughts.

Toronto Duo Against The World Talks Raw Truth About Women Cheating On New Song ‘How Can I?’  was originally published on globalgrind.com