Will Frick and Frack ever mend feelings?

All you fans of besties Porsha Williams and Phaedra Parks, aka Frick and Frack, won’t be seeing them hanging out anytime soon.

As reported, the two former friends had a falling out once light was shed on the “sex dungeon” scandal during last season’s reunion. If you forgot, Phaedra used her friendship with Porsha to get back at Kandi and spread lies about her.

In a recent RHOA clip, it seems Porsha is still stuck on not being manipulated and naive to Phaedra’s tactics.

Then she read to her sister Lauren a happy birthday text Phaedra sent to her.

In the reality TV world many frenemies always get back and break up. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Phaedra back in Porsha’s good graces. Should Porsha forgive Phaedra?

Source: The Real Housewives of Atlanta

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